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"I am starting a new business"

Successful businesses don’t just happen. They are the result of careful planning, efficient operation and a shrewd commercial approach. At Jansen Walsh & Grace, we can help with all three, setting your new business on the right track.

Outlined below are some of the key areas to consider when setting up a new business where it can be beneficial to take advice from a specialist lawyer.

"What business structure should I use?"

One of the big decisions for any new business is how it will operate. The main structures are:
  • Sole trader;
  • Partnership;
  • Joint venture;
  • Company
  • Trading trust

Sometimes a combination of these. There are pros and cons attached to each structure and we are able to advise on which would best suit your business, your plans and your vision.

Shareholder Agreements and Partnership Agreements

Share structures establish how companies are owned and controlled. While this may change over time, it is important to start off on a solid footing with a share structure that works for you, your business and your shareholders.

Having an agreement that sets out the relationship between shareholders or partners can be vital. Governing how decision can be made, any specific responsibilities of the parties and what will occur when someone leaves, will give you protection where often the basic legal position does not. We can help you work this out.